About the Artist


Mary Jane was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in the beautiful community of Holladay nestled next to Mount Olympus. She would often go to be part of nature in the beautiful mountains where she found peace and aesthetic enlightenment. She excelled at art at an early age and graduated with a B.A. degree in art at Brigham Young University in Provo. In Provo she also found the beauty of nature she enjoyed growing up. She has made Provo her home for many years. Its peaceful environs and closeness to the mountains suits her well. She enjoyed teaching art in the public schools in Provo for several years and now she has time to teach privately and does classes on studio painting and outdoor painting and has many faithful followers. She has also lived in San Diego California, San Francisco California, and Southern Texas. In these places she also experienced the beauty of the coasts and loved the colors, textures and varied light.

She is a plein air artist painting on site in all kinds of conditions to capture the quality of light and beautiful color combinations.  Everywhere she goes she takes along her sketchbooks and supplies in compact sizes to make travel easier.  She paints finding many interesting things to paint. But, more often likes landscape over any other subject.

Her light and vibrant colors in her paintings are what makes her a colorist. Playing one color next to another until she finds the right combination excites her. In her watercolors she dives into them and completes them usually on site. She finds watercolor her medium of choice most of the time but loves to do oil, often with nothing but a palette knife. creating interesting textures. In her paintings you will find the quality of “spirit”. She views the things in the natural world as alive and growing, and wants that to come through in her luscious colors and vibrant light.

In recent and past years she has entered many art competitions and has won many awards for her work. Her work is found in galleries and many private and corporate collections. She continues to enjoy nature and is a prolific and motivated artist, always exploring and creating new ways of interpreting the world around her.